New Beginnings

Keto isn’t for everyone, but if you’d like to learn more, please ask! I would be delighted to share my research sources.

It’s amazing: the change that can happen in just a few months!

In mid-January I learned of a new chiropractic place in Decatur called The Joint. It’s a network of independently operated franchises that are set up like a health club in the sense of membership, and makes chiropractic care very affordable. Hoping there was something a chiropractor could do to help correct the spinal misalignment that had so impacted my mobility, I made my first visit to The Joint on January 16th. After reviewing my MRI DVD and report, Dr. Tony Weston agreed that he could, in fact, help me.

Just a few days later, one of my great-nieces introduced me to the Ketogenic Lifestyle (way of eating,) and after a bit of research I decided that I would give this “keto-diet” thing a try over the course of Lent. Being a bit hesitant to jump right into it, I began phasing carbohydrates out of my meals (and cupboards) on January 27th in preparation for being at full keto as of Ash Wednesday (February 14th.)

By Ash Wednesday I had already lost a considerable amount of weight – and due to regular chiropractic adjustments was able to stand up straight without the assistance of a cane, although I still needed it to walk outside of my home. With weight loss happening so quickly, I asked Dr. Weston for a list of approved exercises I could do to tone-as-I-go, and joined Planet Fitness. By the end of February, I no longer needed the cane at all!

At this point, I’ve had just over two months of chiropractic care, not quite seven weeks on the Ketogenic Lifestyle, and one month of regular work outs at Planet Fitness. To date I:

  • Have lost 20 lbs., 2.5 inches, and am down 2 sizes in clothing
  • No longer use a cane
  • No longer use a motorized cart for grocery shopping
  • …and am choosing most of the time to not avail myself of disability parking privileges.

I still have a long way to go, but I already feel so much better that going back is simply NOT an option. Thank you my friends, for your support and encouragement through this process.

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